OneCAD Solutions Ltd. provides mechanical CAD contract design services, 3D CAD & 2D drafting, FEA & CFD analysis and reverse engineering.


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OneCAD Solutions began operations in July, 2004 by our owner and President, Neil Thomas. It was originally started as a sales organization specializing in engineering CAD software, support services and training along with 3D printing (rapid prototyping) technology and print services.

OneCAD rapidly grew to be the most successful Canadian Solid Edge reseller at the time and was well-respected in the Solid Edge community for our customer service and training.

From the start, OneCAD also provided 3D CAD design and drafting services on a part-time basis. In January 2007, we added full-time staff for our design services area and during the summer of 2007 we transitioned our business from software and technology sales to concentrate only on design services. In September 2009, our first staff member obtained his Professional Engineer designation and subsequently OneCAD Solutions obtained its Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario so that OneCAD is authorized to offer professional engineering services.

Although the majority of our clients are in Ontario we also have clients in the Canadian Maritimes and in Western Canada. Our staff work from both our Markham, ON offices as well as on-site at our client’s locations. We have worked hard to develop and maintain an excellent reputation in our industry and we have plans to continue our growth.

Though OneCAD originally delivered to a niche market for Solid Edge CAD services, we also offer services for Solid Works, Inventor and AutoCAD, with Solid Works now being our #1 requirement. Since 2007, OneCAD has been a proud and active member of the Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) a business organization representing over 160 companies involved in the Canadian nuclear supply chain. We consider ourselves as a Tier 2/3 supplier to the nuclear industry in that we are supporting the other OCI members with their overflow design work.

We work with engineering and manufacturing companies on a project basis. Typically our clients call us when they have extra work on but its not enough to be hiring on more full time staff or they need a small team to help but only for a short period of time.

In many cases they have us work on the 3D modeling or the detail drafting so that their own staff can concentrate on getting the design engineering done in order to meet their deadlines.

Our staff are available on-site or from our Markham, ON offices.

Our services are competitively priced, are delivered by our full-time staff and are scalable with respect to the level of expertise that is required for your project.


Mechanical CAD Contract Design Services

OneCAD will work on your design projects when overtime won’t keep you on schedule and hiring your next designer or engineer can’t be justified. We help so that you don’t have to turn work away or push out your deadlines. OneCAD can also expand your capabilities so that you can handle larger projects and get more work done faster without additional costs and overheads.

FEA / CFD Analysis Services

OneCAD recognizes that our clients have great internal engineering expertise with engineers and designers who can solve complex analysis problems but some of them may lack the FEA/CFD software or the time and extra staff to solve these problems. Our first level of analysis service factors in this expertise and experience of their staff as they are the ones best equipped to understand their products, processes, materials, manufacturing methods, how the product interfaces into the assembly and what effect any changes may have on the whole design.

3D Rendering & CAD Animations

Once you have your models completed its easy for OneCAD to go the next step with creating high quality 3D renderings and CAD animations to be used for marketing and sales presentations. No need to re-create the wheel utilize your existing CAD data to help sell your products.


Mechanical CAD Contract Design Services 3D CAD Modeling & 2D Drafting



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