FEA / CFD Analysis Services


A unique approach from OneCAD

OneCAD recognizes that our clients have great internal engineering expertise with engineers and designers who can solve complex analysis problems but some of them may lack the FEA/CFD software or the time and extra staff to solve these problems.

Our first level of analysis service factors in this expertise and experience of their staff as they are the ones best equipped to understand their products, processes, materials, manufacturing methods, how the product interfaces into the assembly and what effect any changes may have on the whole design.

OneCAD having the analysis software and the FEA/CFD specialists (over half of our staff have their masters of engineering) will run the scenarios on our software and hardware.

Our client will then interpret the results and recommend any changes to the parameters.

We will then iterate the scenario with their review until they are satisfied with the final design.

In some cases they will even sit right beside OneCAD’s staff in our offices to directly observe the results and recommend the next iteration.

In the end, our client puts their “stamp” on the results and they take the responsibility for the final design and in doing so the costs and the timeline to their solution are greatly reduced.

OneCAD’s clients have found this to be a very effective solution to their engineering analysis problems.

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