Client Testimonials

Blastwall - Airport Jet Blast Protection System

Video Testimonials from John Carlan, Managing Director of Javelin Technologies & Peter Roston, President of Blastwall.

 Hear first hand what our clients say about OneCAD Solutions.


Reinforced Plastics Systems

“We started using OneCAD in 2008 on a job where we simply couldn’t meet the drafting requirements in-house.  We’ve been using them ever since, anytime we don’t have the resources, or we want to use our in-house resources for something else.  The price, quality, consistency, and delivery keeps us coming back.”

Dave Chapman P.Eng.
Assistant Project Coordination Manager: Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


Amidyne Group

 “The Amidyne Group has used OneCAD for mechanical engineering support for a number of years now. OneCAD performs top quality work, and helps us keep our customers happy when we are under the gun to get drawings finished on time.”

Charles Johnson
President: Newmarket, ON


Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

“The ability to have OneCAD’s professionally, trained design staff available on short notice has been a great asset to our engineering department.”

Paul Joynes
: Chalk River, ON


Christie Digital

 “The OneCAD staff member has been an excellent complement to our design team. He’s been able to competently pick up independent design tasks and drive them to resolution thus allowing our core design team to remain dedicated on their tasks.” 

Mark Barfoot
Mechanical Engineering Manager: Waterloo, ON



 “The design service group at OneCAD Solutions has anticipated our needs by offering CAD Designers that compliment our current engineering staff. The ability for us to hire on design staff only at peak times has been invaluable.”

Ken Baker
Manager - Technology Development: Mississauga, ON


Hepburn Engineering

  “OneCAD’s designers have allowed us to focus on our increased workload while trusting that the staff they supply will integrate with our engineering team to get the job done on  time and on budget.”

Neil Scott
Engineering Manager: Toronto, ON