Mechanical Engineering Contract Design Services – 3D CAD Modeling & 2D Drafting

OneCAD Solutions Ltd. provides mechanical engineering contract design services, 3D CAD & 2D drafting, FEA & CFD analysis and reverse engineering.

Our services are offered both on-site or from our Markham, ON offices.

OneCAD is authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.

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OneCAD Solutions is the 911 of mechanical design services.

People call us at (905) 943-7667, when their backs are to the wall.

They need help right away as deadlines are approaching too fast. 

We respond quickly to help them get the job done

On Time, On Spec & On Budget.  

How OneCAD is unique.

We react quickly to your needs.


We know that usually our 1st time clients are under pressure to get a job done and that’s why they have called us for help.

It’s not just about getting the job done but doing so to our client’s tight schedules.

We know if the design or drafting doesn’t get done then your “shop floor” can’t get your work out the door to your client.

Sales people don't make the promises.


We don’t make promises without 1st consulting Zhongzhe Chi, our Engineering Manager since it’s Chi & his team that has to deliver our work.

In this manner, Chi then understands your scope of work & schedule and our resources to ensure that the OneCAD team gets the job done right.

We have the resouces - Hardware & Software to go on-site.


Most times when our clients need help on-site they also need additional CAD licenses and hardware at the same time. It’s not in their budget to be purchasing new CAD licenses for short term projects. That’s one of the reasons why their backs are to the wall – they need skilled people but they also need the hardware & software but just for the duration of the project.

OneCAD staff can go on-site with our computers (either desktops or laptops), double monitors and a license of the CAD software that you are is using. We’ll hook up to your network for the project and then clean off our drives of your data when the project is over.

It’s easy to get started with OneCAD?

Call or email us with some background as to what you need help with.

(905) 943-7667 or

Peter Petro, our Sales Engineer will first discuss your needs over the phone. He will then confer with Peter Li, our Engineering Manager. Peter Petro handles our client relations and Peter Li manages our technical staff.

Then they can meet with you either at your location or at our Markham offices to finalize the details as to how OneCAD can help.

Together we’ll set out the scope of work, our pricing & your budget and our deliverables based on your schedule.

We’ll stay in touch throughout our work and we’ll ensure that the project gets done On Time, On Spec & On Budget.

Why choose OneCAD?

We have the experience.
Established in 2004, OneCAD specializes in mechanical engineering contract design services.

Our staff have extensive industry experience in design and manufacturing.

OneCAD has all the major mid-range mechanical CAD softwares including SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge and AutoCAD.

We also have simulation softwares for FEA / CFD, 3D animations, piping & wiring.

We have the people.
All of our staff have mechanical engineering backgrounds and half of them also have their masters of engineering.

Our staff can work on-site or from our Markham offices.

We will react quickly to your needs.
We know that when you call that 1st time it’s because you need help right away.

We’re ready when you need us.

We'll be On Time, On Spec & On Budget.

We deliver.

We have built our reputation on meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations.

That’s why we have so many long-term clients.

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OneCAD Solutions – Ready when you need us!

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